About Parfum de France


  • Lysiane : Purchases and production coordination
  • Laure : Sales
  • Nicolas : Design and packaging creation
  • Matthieu : Direction and Finances
  • Mariel, Fanny, Patrick : bottles and packaging designers (partners)
  • Sylvie, Alain : Perfumers (partners)


Matthieu Nicolas Nicolas Nicolas



Ambitions and targets

  • Parfum de France targets to be the nicest and easiest solution for Private Label perfumes Made in France, from 5000 to 30000pcs per lot. We want to make the difference with excellent fragrance and packaging creations, and with short and reliable time-to-market.
  • Business target : 50% increase per year




  • In order to reduce our environmental impact, we work preferably with local manufacturers. 80% our suppliers are less than 200km away from our office.
  • We are constructing a new building that will not need heating. This new building will be achieved in October 2012.




PARFUM DE FRANCE was created in 2008 by Matthieu REUMAUX


  • 2008: Private Label and perfumes under our own brand - First contracts in EEC
  • 2009: First contracts in Asia
  • 2010: first contracts in the Middle East and USA – moving to a bigger office
  • 2010: first contracts in South America
  • 2011: Specialization in Private label perfumes




  • Company name : PERFRANCE SARL
  • Incorporation date : February 16th, 2008
  • Legal Form : French Limited Company
  • Location : Our company is in a natural protected area (Parc Naturel du Vexin), a very nice countryside area, but only 45 minutes from Paris and Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  • Activity : Creation and production coordination for Private Label perfumes made in France. We ship finished products
  • Skills : Packaging design, fragrance creation, project coordination
  • Export : 95% of our business, worldwide
  • Membership : Parfum de France belongs to the French Cosmetic Valley
  • Partnerships : 2 partnerships with French Perfumers and 2 partnerships with French bottle designers, over 30 close cooperations with French manufacturers